Wednesday, January 23, 2013

With Allies Like These... Who Needs Enemies?

The mysterious sinking of the USS MAINE led directly to the Spanish-American War.

A Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor led to the US involvment in WWII.

The Gulf of Tonkin incident led to our involvement in Vietnam.

9/11 led to a decade of war with Afghanistan.

A brutal attack by a Middle Eastern state on the USS LIBERTY, including strafing life boats to murder survivors, led to... Washington recalling the US fighters coming to her rescue, a hasty investigation in Congress, and no justice for the 34 dead and 171 wounded Americans?

Taki gets at least one thing wrong in this article: the LIBERTY was certainly a "spy ship" by almost any standard. But it was a legal spy ship in international waters with every right to be doing what it was doing. The rest is spot on.

Remember the LIBERTY.


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