Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Nation of Sheep

When a wolf threatens a herd of sheep, the sheep instinctively hide behind the shepherd, looking to him for protection from the predator.

If that same wolf were to be so unfortunate as to stumble into a lion's den, he would do well to quickly plan a quiet escape. The lion, you see, will recognize the wolf as another predator--one with whom the lion must reckon in order to protect the pride.

Are James Holmes, Adam Lanza, and their ilk predators? Certainly.

The real question, though, that seems to be lost in all of the gun control debate, is: are we a nation of sheep or lions?

To listen to Anderson Cooper, Piers Morgan, and the other girlie-men of the national media, it is clear they view themselves and the rest of us as sheep in need of an armed shepherd to protect us from the nasty wolves. Problem is, when we turn on CNN and make an attempt to stomach their liberal claptrap, all we can hear is bleating, because...

Real Americans are not sheep; we are lions. We don't even understand your sheepish language.

In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, majestic lions sailed to a foreign land and protected their families from the savage inhabitants as they carved out a kingdom for themselves.

In 1776, it wasn't sheep that signed the Declaration of Independence and used their guns to send the British home.

In the nineteenth century, a pride of lions conquered the frontier and transformed the vast western wilderness into American civilization.

In the twentieth century, a nation of lions used their brains and their brawn to build an industrial civilization, fight two world wars, and make this land the wealthiest in human history.

We have admittedly gotten lazy somewhere along the way. Like Simba in the Lion King, we have forgotten our roots and abdicated our responsibility to rule the pride. We have elected sheep to our highest offices. We listen to sheep on our television sets. We have let sheep take over the government school system and teach our cubs.

But like Simba, we are awakening, and we are coming home to send the hyenas scattering. We are homeschooling our children and sending them to private schools. While the next generation of sheep is learning from their schoolmasters how to stand still and be sheared, how to stand in line for government handouts, and how to misread American history as Mary Had a Little Lamb, we are teaching our children how to exercise godly dominion over their homes, their businesses, and their communities. How to be REAL Americans.

When sheep hear of a tragedy such as Sandy Hook, they instinctively whine, "Where were the shepherds?" When lions hear of a tragedy such as Sandy Hook, we instinctively say, "How can we protect our cubs from the wolves, while teaching them to sharpen their claws and teeth for the future when they will have kingdoms of their own to protect?"

We are lions. We don't need or want your shepherds. And if you sheep insist on pursuing a society in which only the shepherds have staves, tell them to Beware the Lion's Den.


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